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Just because you don't have access to a municipal water system doesn't mean you can't have reliable and safe plumbing. Rely on Arrow Septic and Sewer Services, LLC to enhance your residential or commercial property with a superior septic system. We provide septic tank installation services in Shepherd, Red Lodge, Lockwood, Billings MT and surrounding areas. We'll come equipped with all of the proper equipment, protection gear and training to handle your job without a hitch.

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Restore your faulty septic system to good working order

If your septic system is showing signs of failure, you can count on Arrow Septic and Sewer Services to come to your aid. We provide prompt and professional septic tank repair services in Shepherd, Red Lodge, Billings and Lockwood, MT.

You can trust us with your project because:

  • We have over six years of experience
  • We offer free no-obligation estimates
  • We offer same-day and emergency services
  • We are fast and friendly for your peace of mind
  • We always comply with county health regulations
Put your faulty septic tank in good hands. Contact us right away to get septic system repair services.


If your area does not have access to a municipal water system, we can handle your septic tank installation needs. We have experience in residential and commercial installation and everything is done in accordance with County Health regulations.

Installation of a septic tank system should always be done by professionals. Not only do we have the required safety processes in place, but our team also has the correct equipment, personal protection gear, and most importantly, the knowledge and experience.

One of the biggest advantages of a septic tank system is it serves only your residential or commercial property while sewer lines connect multiple properties. General maintenance on septic tank systems is more economical. Another advantage is a septic tank system is considered to be more environmentally friendly as it does not contaminate water supplies and, in-fact, removes bacteria before any water is released into the ground and soil.


Some problems can be solved relatively easily.
If there's standing water or a sewage odor between the septic tank and the drain field, it may be nothing more than a broken pipe.
If you have an advanced treatment system, we might need to adjust or replace a part.

If you have an aerobic treatment unit-one that aerates the tank to help break down the waste faster-and were away for a long period, the beneficial bacteria might have died off. You may just need to use your system frugally for a few weeks while the population rebounds.


Septic Tanks are built for longevity and are very durable, so replacing a septic tank requires professional experts with the correct equipment. These systems are reinforced with row bars and if not careful when breaking down, can collapse and contaminate the soil. The septic tank system is cleaned out completely and depending on the new septic system, will either be removed completely or can be inspected and marked safe to be used in the new installation of your septic tank system.

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